New Optoma DX326 2600 Lumen Projector

New Optoma DX326 XGA 2600 Lumen Full 3D DLP Projector with HDMI

Optoma DX326

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After I buy this New Optoma DS325 SVGA 2800 Lumen Full 3D DLP Projector (Office Product)
This is a great projector! It's a simple plug-and-play technology. I used it for an office presentation as well as for a movie projected on the wall outside my home. Outside the projected size was 8ft wide and it was super clear. I would recommend this!

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New RCA DECG185R 19 Inch Class Combo

New RCA DECG185R 19-Inch Class AC/DC LED HDTV and DVD Combo


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New JVC LT 32DE73 720p Player Combo

New JVC LT-32DE73 32" 720p LED HDTV and DVD Player Combo TV


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After I buy this New JVC LT-32DE73 32" 720p LED HDTV and DVD Player Combo TV (Electronics)
I bought this JVC for our home gym, the fact that it has a DVD player built-in was a bonus for my wife who wants to play her P90X dvd's. I've had good success in the past with JVC products and so I was hopeful they are just as reliable now. The unit is very light and thin and mounts easily to the wall with the VideoSecu Full Motion Wall Mount we purchased. I'm not using cable box, just hooking the unit directly to the wall cable outlet and I'm getting about 10 digital HD channels which look great! The sound is better than I expected and is adjustable to be either "normal" or "surround" (for us, "normal" sounds best). It's easy to run the autoprogram to locate available channels, and equally easy to go through and delete unwanted channels afterwards. Buy this unit, you won't be disappointed.

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New Rii K24 Wireless Keyboard Samsung

New Rii K24 2.4G Mini Wireless Air Mouse Keyboard for Samsung Lg Smart TV / Google Android TV / HTPC / PC / Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Linux

Rii K24

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New Toshiba HD XA2 1080p HD DVD Player

New Toshiba HD-XA2 1080p HD-DVD Player

Toshiba HDXA2

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After I buy this New Toshiba HD-XA2 1080p HD-DVD Player (Electronics)
First let me say that I have or have had an A1, A2, XA2, 360 HD Drive, and PS3. This is by far the best HD-DVD player out, as well as the best SD player. The Reon's NR is awesome on SD discs, and the edge enhancement agorithm is so refined I have yet to find a reason not to leave it on level ALL the time, even on HD material. I have had experience repairing one of these and can shed some light on a couple of issues.

1 - Does your XA2 power down randomly when playing HD discs? If so it is caused by a bug that only affects some players. If the unit is turned on while its' input is selected (on the receiver or TV) a bug occurs during handshake that causes the shutdown at random. I speculate it is to do with setting the overheat threshold uncommonly low. The unit will only have this problem with HD media, when set to 1080p. Set it to 1080i and it's fine. Play SD discs at 1080p and it's fine.

-The workaround is to select any input other than the XA2's when turning the player on (or leave the TV/receiver off). Turn on the player and wait for it to boot up completely. Once it is finished you may select the player's input and it will play HD discs at 1080p for days on shutdown.

2 - Does your player seem to have a high pitched whine? This is in fact not caused by the fan in the XA2 which is awfully quiet compared to most active CE cooling devices (about 1/5th that of the PS3 during HD playback). It is caused by the transformer on the power supply unit ringing. The only way to fix it is to exchange the unit, or send it to Toshiba for a PSU replacement. For the tech savvy, this unit uses the same PSU as the A2 (which can be gotten on the cheap right now). The service manuals can be found on AVS, and it is a simple job of loosening a few screws and a couple of connectors. If you can change a CPU in a PC you can do this. Otherwise, it should be covered under Toshiba's warranty.

3 - Does your player play SD discs fine, but read "no disc" when you insert HD media? This is caused by a blue laser diode failure in the drive itself. Face it Blue Lasers are still new, and unfortunately the yields are still pretty poor. Some faulty parts slip through after seemingly making the grade at the factory. Again, this requires a repair by Toshiba to replace the drive, but if you're brave and have access to an A2 the drive is the same. The swap is even easier than the PSU. 5 screws and a ribbon cable. If you have a screwdriver handy this should take about 10 minutes. Of course, it is covered by Toshiba under warranty, but why not fix your XA2 yourself and part with the A2 for a while instead (which is much lighter, and thus cheaper to ship as well).

4 - Does your unit hang on the welcome screen? Welp, it could be one of two things. A bad/overheating motherboard or an undervolting PSU. The PSU fix can be done easily if you have access to an A2...then you'll know. If it turns out to be a bad mainboard Toshiba is your only hope. Their procedure is to just send a new player if the mainboard is bad. They only repair the unit if it's a bad PSU or Drive. Either way turn around is about a week.

5 - Did you get stuck with a remote whose backlight doesn't work? It's no joke. the XA2 remote is VERY difficult to read in the dark, but once the backlight lights up it is a sight to behold. It goes from barely usable to "best of the bunch". the lights are extremely bright and very legible. What you may not know though is that you have to press and hold the backlight button for 5 seconds to turn on the feature. There are thousands of people who think they got stuck with a broken remote. trust me, once it lights up you'll love it.

The latest firmware as of this post is 2.7, and that fixes 24p output as well as adding HBR bitstream output. With this update this player is once again the king of all HD players. It sports the best PQ for both HD and SD discs, and offers all of the new features (even those of the A35 which is the inferior player). The bad news is, as of this update these are becoming scarce, and since Toshiba is building these for Onkyo now (list for $899) they have discontinued the XA2. the Onkyo is the exact same player in a new box for more $$$. get an XA2 while you can. Enjoy! I hope I've helped some people get by the initial bad impressions they may have had. No electronics model is without a few lemons. The XA2 has a few, but the above should help some of you avoid a return or exchange. If you did get a lemon, and there is no more stock, consider fixing it yourself by getting an A2 to sacrifice, then send the A2 for repair...or just let Toshiba fix it. once you have a working unit you'll was worth it. This is any HD TV's best friend!

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New Venturer KLV39092 9 Inch 720p 120Hz

New Venturer KLV39092 9-Inch 720p 120Hz LCD TV

Venturer KLV39092

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After I buy this New Venturer KLV39092 9-Inch 720p 120Hz LCD TV (Electronics)
Very happy with product and speedy delivery. Great for those cooking shows and having some background music as you work.

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New Tronsmart Vega S89 Android Amlogic

New Tronsmart Vega S89 Elite Android TV BOX Amlogic S802 2G / 8G BT 2.4G Wifi XBMC

Tronsmart Vega

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After I buy this New Tronsmart Vega S89 Elite Android TV BOX Amlogic S802 2G / 8G BT 2.4G Wifi XBMC (Electronics)
this device came out on Thursday, i bought it early Friday, and it was delivered by DHL in atl area on Monday from China...unbelievable!

as far as the device itself...

picture quality is good and stable...

no detectable lag, 1.2G ram free as shipped...

comes with XBMC pre-installed...had add-ons up and running in about 10 minutes...

remote was a little tweakish with the batteries, but i got it to work...

remote is very basic, but it does work...

you can use a android tablet with Yatse remote control program to control XBMC and enter text with virtual keyboard (free)...

also, unlike some previous devices, this box has standby hit the on button, and you are exactly where you left off...which is great :)

good bargain on the device, works well so far...recommended!

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New Epson V11H584220 PowerLite Edition Projector

New Epson V11H584220 PowerLite Home Cinema 500 Silver Edition SVGA 2600 Lumens HDMI Projector (White)

Epson V11H584220

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After I buy this New Epson V11H584220 PowerLite Home Cinema 500 Silver Edition SVGA 2600 Lumens HDMI Projector (White) (Electronics)
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Program (What's this?)

I’ve been using this projector for about a month now, and I found both ‘pros and cons,’ the term that applies to any kind of items. So here’s my review.

First, I will begin with the pros. This projector is very bright. It was too bright out of the box, so I had to reduce the brightness. I set this projector up in a small room and approximately 20 feet away from the screen; I could enjoy 60”~70” screen size (big enough for me for now, but I don’t see any problem making this bigger up to 300” considering how powerful the bulb is). The colors were overall accurate out of the box, but I needed to do some calibration (it was a bit saturated with high contrast, in my opinion, and this can be personal preference; I like soft and warm tones). This projector has 5 different input methods (S-Video, VGA, RCA, USB, and HDMI) and having an HDMI port is an excellent option. Using HDMI port, it’s just easy and simple to connect many kinds of devices. I tried Roku, Apple TV, mobile devices, and my computers (Mac, requires thunderbolt to HDMI cable or adapter), and they all worked great without any issues or going through complicated settings. I just plugged it, and it worked.

So I enjoyed TV shows and movies on a huge screen; now my 55” TV screen looks small. I was surprised how quickly human eyes can be spoiled and fooled by the bigger screen sizes.

Now here are some cons that can be, again, personal preferences.

The max resolution of this projector is not 720P. So this is not a ‘HD’ HD projector with 720P or 1080P resolution, but close to it. Because this is not a 720P, that doesn’t mean this is garbage. I actually think the outputted image quality is wonderful considering 800x600. The moving images on screen may not be as sharp as 720P, but I like smooth motion better. Also, this is still higher resolution than what regular DVD movie can produce (by vertical line,) the image quality still looks great on a big screen. And because this isn’t a 720P (or 1080P), that doesn’t mean I can’t connect my Roku box or Apple TV. Both devices work great with this projector, and I am really enjoying movies with the huge screen size.

One thing I really wished this projector had is audio out option. Missing an audio out is not the end of the world, but if it had one, movie watching life could have been easier. Luckily, Roku has audio/video out port; I can connect to an external speaker for better and louder sound, and for the Apple TV, I can airplay audio only to my airplay enabled speaker. Problem solved.

The rest is minor and universal cons for most of the home/office projector that this one is not excluded. The fan noise can be noisy if used in a small quiet room; for a backyard movie night, this not an issue. High power consumption: even though the Amazon description shows energy star, in my opinion, this device consumes too much power. For a regular setting, it was 250 watts/h, and for the eco setting, it was 200 watts/h. For an occasional movie night, it’s fine. But, here’s some numbers for a quick comparison. My 55” LED TV (eco mode) consumes less than 90 watts/h and a CFL bulb in my room consumes 17 watts/h. I personally think 200 watts/h is too much, but then again, my Dell DLP projector in the office consumes the same amount of electricity (it measured 250 watts/h at regular mode).

Overall, this is a great option for a budget home theater. The image quality is unexpectedly better and the overall built quality is solid (except the included carrying bag made with really cheap material). It is easy and simple to use including OSD menus. Having an HDMI port is a blessing because I can connect many different current digital devices. If you think the price of HD projectors doesn’t justify your hard earned money, then this one can be a good choice.

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Best Yamaha RX V675 Channel Network Receiver

Best Yamaha RX-V675 7.2 Channel Network AV Receiver with Airplay

Yamaha RXV675

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After I buy this New Yamaha RX-V675 7.2 Channel Network AV Receiver with Airplay (Electronics)
I purchased and still own a Yamaha RX-765 from four years ago. I decided to add a second entertainment system focusing on music and "downgraded" to the 6xx series RX-V675 introduced in 2013. The downgrade meant that pre-amp outputs are gone, the front face is plastic instead of metal, and slightly less watts per channel. I didn't really need those upgrades, and the RX-V675 was on sale at a local retailer.

I'm so blown away by all the features added in the last four years, I felt compelled to write this review. First as reference, the speakers I connected in a 5.1 setup:

Polk Audio TSx550t (floor standing fronts)

Polk Audio TSx250c (center channel)

Polk Audio 80F/X-LS (in ceiling surrounds)

SVS PB-1000 (subwoofer)

The floor standing fronts have two 5.25" midrange and two 8" woofers (in addition to a tweeter). I was concerned the 95 watt per channel RMS would not be enough to drive these to uncomfortable volumes. This is not an issue. The RX-V675 has no hesitation in driving these clearly at levels needed for a house party. On a related note, the RX-V675 supports true bi-amp (sacrificing Zone 2), however, it won't deliver significantly more power with most speakers as typically the top posts will drive only the tweeter (which takes relatively little power), while the bottom posts will drive ALL of the remaining drivers. So, it might help for signal integrity for the tweeters, but not much for total power delivered. Contrary to what is regurgitated on the Internet, it does seem as though the Yamaha is configuring discrete amps in the bi-amp mode. You are of course still limited by the total power capacity of the receiver, but if you happen to have speakers that internally distribute the separate posts across the midrange/woofers, it should allow you to deliver additional power to the fronts where you need it most at reference levels.

The auto configuration tool, YPAO, did a great job of calibrating the speakers. I did it manually by ear first, then let YPAO do it to see how close it set the levels. It matched my preferences exactly except for setting the subwoofer down -1.0 db (I just set it back!). YPAO did set all my speakers to large, but I chose to set them to small and cutoff at 60Hz to offload that to the subwoofer.

Sound quality, as you would expect from Yamaha, is at least as good as my untrained ears can discern. I'm confident that only the most discriminating of audio elites could find fault in the reproduction of music or sound tracks. That hasn't changed in the last four years.

Now, what has changed in four years? A lot has been added, and here are the new features that I appreciate most:

1. Built in networking (ethernet). Supports network formats and firmware updates over the Internet.

2. Pandora, AirPlay, and network radio blew me away. Quality is insanely good, and the interface showing album art is a nice touch. Also, there doesn't seem to be any commercials on Pandora!

3. Android App to control the receiver - even the album art shows up on my Android phone.

4. Front HDMI (with MHL support) and USB inputs. Charges your phone while connected.

5. 6 total HDMI inputs, versus 4 on the 2009 model.

6. Audio Return Channel (ARC). Gets rid of the return optical cable back from your smart TV.

7. 3D support on HDMI.

8. 4K support and upscaling. No, I won't be able to test that any time soon.

For much less than the cost of the RX-V765 from four years ago, you get so much more. I know that's how technology progresses, but it's amazing just how much has been added. And the features are all well implemented. Nothing feels rushed. It looks and feels solid. No bells and whistles added for the sake of marketing features; everything is well thought out and functional. No ridiculous LED lit volume knobs or other gimmicks.

Here is my short list of complaints (nothing is perfect though this receiver comes close!):

1. You can no longer configure the receiver without an HDMI monitor/TV connected. Most of the advanced settings and setup require the on screen GUI.

2. The remote is basically the same from four years ago. It doesn't glow in the dark, and it's really just a matrix of keys. You won't use it anyway after the initial setup. Get a Logitech Harmony or use your Android phone.

3. The Zone 2 connections are not banana posts like the rest. A strange place to cut $5 of cost.

Minor complaints really. If you need a receiver now, this is the one to buy. If don't need it now, wait for a sale, and then buy this receiver!

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Best Denon AVR E400 Channel Networking Receiver

Best Denon AVR-E400 7.1 Channel 4K and 3D Pass Through Networking Home Theater AV Receiver with AirPlay

Denon AVRE400

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New 19 JVC LED DVD Player

New 19" JVC LED TV with DVD Player

19 JVC

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After I buy this New 19" JVC LED TV with DVD Player (Electronics)
JVC was the only brand name I recognized from available 19 inch TV/DVD's. I thought that was my best chance of

getting a quality product . The unit functions flawlessly with excellent picture and mediocre sound. We could

hook up exterior speakers for better sound but the unit is located in our laundry room and noise from the washer

and dryer would still be present. All in all, I'm satisfied with my selection and recommend it for a secondary unit.

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New Epson EX7220 Wireless Projector V11H550020

New Epson EX7220 Wireless WXGA 3LCD Projector, 3000 Color Lumens, 3000 White Lumens (V11H550020)

Epson EX7220

This is My Opinion About This Product

After I buy this New Epson EX7220 Wireless WXGA 3LCD Projector, 3000 Color Lumens, 3000 White Lumens (V11H550020) (Office Product)
Customer review from the Amazon Vine Program (What's this?)

The Epson EX7220 isn't a perfect projector, but it makes a strong case for itself in both business and home theater categories.


The case is very generic, with a similar size and shape to most modern projectors in this price range. That size is not like a palmtop, but portable enough to transport between rooms at work. A case is included for this purpose. The plastic is pretty strong and could take minor abuse. The wireless dongle is external and might break off if knocked into.


You may have noticed that this projector has both a white brightness, as typical projectors do, and a color brightness. This is because Epson is understandably proud of the latter. A high color brightness means more vivid colors, and more contrast between colors. The result is a bold image that looks more lifelike and detailed. It makes boring business stuff like charts look great, and helps with skin tones in movies, which projectors are often terrible with.

That white brightness is pretty good too. While dark scenes in movies will still look muddy with the lights on, standard text and charts are still easy to read. I've even had an open window facing the screen and had no issues.

Motion is surprisingly good, without noticeable blurring during action scenes in movies.

There is one obvious shortcoming: WXGA. The resolution of this projector, at 1280x800, is highly superior to lower end 800x600 projectors and reasonable for the price, but the pixels are still pretty large when displayed on my 92" screen. If you are watching a movie or otherwise running in 16:9 (the projector accepts 1080p input), further resolution is lost as black bars are on the top and bottom of the screen. For PowerPoints, be careful to set the resolution on your PC or Mac to 1280x800 and the projector aspect ratio to "native." This will get you the full resolution of the projector, apart from...

Keystoning for both horizontal and vertical offsets are available and easy to use. The slider for horizontal is great. There are no optical solutions, so the more keystoning you use, the lower your effective resolution.


The noise from the projector is not too offensive, but it is not whisper quiet at all. I don't find it to be a problem. The exhaust port feels like a hair dryer on low, and will heat up a small room after a while. There is no way around this with a traditional bulb based projector. In short, this is a 200 W space heater.


The remote is not special, with a mess of buttons and not backlit, but it does the job well enough. The great thing is that it does not require pointing at the projector. Pointing at the screen worked fine for me.


Miracast is the modern standard for streaming video, and is built into Windows 8 and some Android phones. Unfortunately, Epson uses its own proprietary standard that requires downloading an application. In Windows 8, I was able to get it running pretty easily, mirroring my screen to the projector. The Epson standard seems to lack the throughput to stream video, causing lag and choppiness when I tried. So, I think this would mainly be useful for PowerPoints or web surfing without video. Audio streamed without a hitch.


The Epson EX7220 is in many ways a standard WXGA projector, but its color brightness is exceptional. It is a good choice for both business and fun.

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